How the Apps Work

There are six apps in the storysmart™ suite, each presenting a different and engaging story about children navigating their world - at home, at school, on vacation, as part of a team and working in groups. Each story depicts a primary character within these settings who encounters unexpected situations while interacting with others. The app user has the ability to modify those parts of the story, effecting positive outcomes where those unexpected words, actions, situations or behaviors exist. storysmart™ apps are best used with the help of a parent, teacher, or therapist.

By requiring the user to focus on details of the story and its contextual cues, the user builds an awareness of social expectations.

Assessing the Situation
The primary task is for the user to complete the story by successfully modifying all of the unexpected components to expected ones. To do so, the user needs to assess the context of the situation in order to make an appropriate choice. The choices include more than one appropriate option, so the user has multiple paths by which he/she can appropriately resolve the situation. Each choice the user makes, positive or negative, is followed by feedback in the form of their own recorded voice – a happy sound or a sad sound.

Real-time Feedback
When the user completes the appropriate choice selections for the page, there is additional positive feedback – the story character pops up from the bottom of the screen and waves, dances, or gives a thumbs up! The user then continues through the story, modifying the various choices, with feedback given for each choice.


Personalized Audio Feedback
Users' own sounds are played as feedback after each choice is made – both positive and negative. This provides a humorous and personal auditory reinforcement of the choices the user makes.

Multi-Sensory Learning Environment
storysmart™ presents a learning environment whereby the user can actively modify parts of the story – the character's words, actions and behaviors – to correct what's unexpected and achieve the best possible outcomes.

More Than One Solution, Just Like Real Life
storysmart™ gives the user multiple paths by which they can appropriately resolve social situations instead of providing a single solution. Like real life, there is more than one way to achieve the expected outcome!

Actions, Words And Behaviors Demonstrated
storysmart™ provides a variety of familiar social scenarios in which hundreds of unexpected choices occur, each one visually demonstrated to reinforce the consequences of those choices. As the user freely modifies each choice, the visuals change to reflect and provide context for the new choice. They can literally see the effects of their choices.

Record Your Own Voice While You Read
To aid with reading fluency, users can record their own voice while they read and then play it back to check their accuracy.

Nuanced Choices Help To Prompt Contextual Awareness
storysmart™ provides a menu of phrases which the user can modify with existing phrases. Some phrases will seem appropriate, but may be out of context with that situation. The user needs to attend to contextual cues in order to interpret those choices and select one that best fits. The app also provides controls to adjust the level of challenge for the user.

Engaging But Not Overstimulating
Stories are accompanied by animated graphics which reinforce the context of each setting and are designed not to visually overwhelm the user. The music is designed to have a calming effect and to keep the user engaged in the activity.

Clutter-Free Interface For Visual Thinkers
The storysmart™ interface is specifically designed to facilitate the learning experience by minimizing clutter on the screen. App controls and navigation can be hidden during use which enables the user to stay focused on the content.