storysmart™ is our new suite of apps that provide both a recreational and therapeutic activity for elementary-school aged children and are designed to help them develop social communication, social cognition, critical thinking and narrative skills. These are skills that are underdeveloped in children on the autism spectrum, and in children with other neuropsychological differences such as ADHD.

Use Your Social Smarts!
Users engage in a real-life story – a day in the lives of our quirky, adorable characters. They need your help solving problems, comprehending the setting, and using their social smarts to resolve numerous situations and get positive feedback. The primary goal of the storysmart™ apps is to raise children's awareness of social expectations and to stimulate critical thinking skills to achieve the best outcomes in a variety of settings.



Trudy Goes to the Beach
Trudy tries to be flexible, even when things don't go her way, during a trip to the beach with her family. Help Trudy learn to do what's expected on her family vacation!



Casey's Big Day
Help Casey learn how to cope with his worries and frustrations on his first day of 5th grade. He will need to keep his body in control, keep thoughts inside his head, and keep his cool as he navigates through his day in class – with his teacher, on the playground, in the cafeteria, and with his classmates. You can do it, Casey!



Ruby Gets in the Game
Ruby loves soccer but playing a team sport can be challenging! Paying attention, following directions, and getting along with everyone is very important. Help Ruby keep her brain in the game and earn the respect of her coach and teammates. Go, Ruby, go!



Mario's Big Reactions
Mario could use some help thinking about the size of a problem before he reacts to it. Other people like being around Mario when he doesn't over-react.



Pia Stands Up for Herself
Friendships can be tricky. Some days, a friend will act kindly, and other days, that same friend can act in a hurtful way. Pia needs your help to learn a strategy to stand strong when other kids aren't so nice.



Aaron Plays it Safe
It can be hard to learn about personal space. Some kids need more than others. Help Aaron learn how to think before he acts so that he can make safe choices and keep others feeling comfortable.